Aging, surviving population impacts need for disability payments

by | Apr 17, 2013 | Social Security Disability |

The public certainly tends to make Social Security and disability benefits a heated political issue. Rather than argue any side of the argument, this blog post is merely meant to provide some information and encourage thought about disability claims in the U.S.

CNN Money reports that there are various reasons why the number of disability claims has increased among Americans. More people are receiving disability benefits, partly for somewhat positive reasons but also due to less-than-ideal circumstances as well:


This point ignites controversy because some critics of Social Security and disability benefits worry that Americans are wrongfully relying on the money as a sort of welfare system during an economically low time. Others argue that a tough job market is hard on the disabled. They might need a certain type of job in order to support themselves and their disabilities and can’t secure the work that they’d need.


The medical field continues to advance and find remarkable ways of treating people who’ve been injured or are sick. Basically, fewer people are dying due to heart attacks, for example, than in the past. That means that the country is full of survivors with medical conditions. That means more people have to file disability claims to get by.


This point relates to the point of scientific advancements. Americans are living longer, which doesn’t mean that they are perfectly healthy during their longer lives. An aging population is a medically-needy population, a population that becomes unable to work but still needs financial support to live.

Source: CNN Money, “Disability claims skyrocket: Here’s why,” Steve Hargreaves, April 11, 2013

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