Many workers go through their entire careers without any serious injuries, but that’s not the case with everyone who works in the construction field. One of the most dangerous positions in the construction field is that of a crane operator. It may seem as though they’re pretty safe where they are, but they actually face a lot of risk.

A recent case of a crane operator who was injured led to what could have been grave results. The construction accident caused severe swelling of the man’s brain. Doctors are amazed that he lived and that he’s come so far in his recovery after intensive physical therapy. Still, there are questions about why the accident happened. Was there something the company could have done that would have prevented or significantly lowered the danger?

That is the question that has to be asked when construction workers are hurt or killed, because there are strict guidelines regarding how construction companies must maintain and inspect the work they’re doing and the tools and machinery they use. In other words, if OSHA finds something wrong the company had better fix it. If the problem that was found is found after an accident, the company could face serious fines.

Going after a company for its negligence is understandable because construction companies have a duty to take care of their employees and keep them as safe as is reasonably possible. If a company fails to do this out of carelessness, the injured construction worker may want — and need — to seek compensation as a way to pay for his medical bills and other losses. The treatment that goes into treating a brain injury doesn’t come free.

Source: Milwaukee Wisconsin Journal Sentinel, “After critical head injury, crane operator makes remarkable recovery,” Georgia Pabst, Feb. 10, 2013