Stopping the building of a hotel is the least of the serious consequences related to a construction accident that occurred this week. In an out-of-state incident, a construction worker was working on an apartment building when he fell and was injured by materials at the site.

The victim reportedly fell through a floor and sustained further injury when a steel girder fell on his head. Sources don’t report that any other workers or bystanders were injured in the accident. To help ensure the safety of workers, the construction of the building is at least temporarily delayed.

The risk of falling and getting injured is a more real threat for construction workers than, for example, teachers. But because the risk of injury is so high, construction sites and workers must meet safety regulations according to the letter of the law. Authorities will investigate this recent fall and determine whether it was the result of lax regulations at the site or perhaps insufficient safety training.

Though one man died in this construction accident, others are impacted by his death. Other men and women work at the site where he was injured. Depending on what safety officials discover related to the accident, his employer or perhaps even a third party has a responsibility to prevent something like this tragedy from occurring again.

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Source: New York Daily News, “Queens construction worker is dead in horrifying accident,” Kerry Burke and Thomas Tracy, Jan. 24, 2013