Every year, the Bureau of Labor Statistics releases a report on illness and injuries in workplaces across the country. The information is interesting, but is also important because it helps industry and safety officials determining which workplaces could possibly use more safety regulations.

The data from 2011 reveals a list with some surprises. Logically, it might seem that those who work in the health field would be the healthiest. However, data suggests otherwise. Based on incidents of injury and illness compared to other jobs, working in state-run nursing and residential care facilities was the most dangerous line of work in 2011.

More than 13 workers out of every 100 sustained some sort of work-related injury or illness, with more than 7 workers per 100 unable to work for some period of time as a result of health matters. The healthcare field can be a health risk because employees work around sick and contagious people. Also, there can be heavy lifting involved in caregiving that causes back injuries.

The annual report lists local public positions such as police work and firefighting as the second most dangerous occupations. These are more obviously risky fields. Police work with dangerous, sometimes armed people. They also drive at high speeds as part of their jobs. Firefighters battle the threat of fire on a regular basis, which can easily lead to injury, illness and death.

All fields of employment come with their own health hazards. Even someone who works at a computer for 40 hours a week can sustain injuries of the neck, back or suffer from carpal tunnel syndrome. No matter what line of work someone is in, if their hard work leads to injury or illness, they could end up needing to fight for workers’ compensation that they deserve and need to support themselves. Our Pennsylvania law firm knowledgeably handles these types of cases.

Source: Business Insider, “It’s Ironic What Job Is Most Likely To Get You Sick Or Injured In America,” Max Nisen, Oct. 25, 2012