With seemingly endless amounts of open roads across Pennsylvania, it’s no surprise that people like to get on their motorcycles and go for pleasure cruises. Most riders understand the risks, and most motorists know how to be on the lookout for riders who may sometimes be hard to see.

But one Pennsylvania man is now facing charges after he, unbelievably, was unable to see motorcyclists in a parking lot. The motorcycle accident, which happened earlier this month, left two riders dead.

The man is now charged with fleeing the scene of a crash, careless driving leading to an unintentional death, and tampering with evidence for his role in the accident, which happened in the parking lot of a restaurant. The crash left the male motorcycle driver and his female passenger dead.

According to authorities, the man was already being held on an arrest warrant for a different crime when he was charged for the motorcycle crash. Police also say that he had another man help him wash his vehicle after the accident. The man allegedly told police that he observed blood and broken glass while helping to wash the car. It’s unknown if he’s the man who turned the suspect in.

If the man was already being held for another crime, it indicates that he might have a problem obeying the law. People have an obligation to stay on the scene and report an accident they have caused one. Perhaps the people on the motorcycle would have survived if he stayed and tried to help rather than trying to dispose of evidence and save himself.

Source: Associated Press, “Pa. man charged in double-fatal motorcycle crash,” Sept. 18, 2012