The accident occurred in Pennsylvania just over one year ago in June 2011. The accident involved Ryan Dunn, a star on the reality television show “Jackass,” which is known for its inappropriate, daring or often reckless stunts. While it was the television star’s death in the accident that was widely published, another individual lost their life in the drunk driving accident.

The victim was a passenger in the vehicle being driven by Dunn. Now, approximately one year later, the parents of the passenger have decided to file a wrongful death lawsuit against the estate of the television star and are seeking an unspecified amount of damages in the case. They are calling Dunn’s actions “reckless and negligent” in driving at a blood alcohol content that was reported to be over twice the legal limit in Pennsylvania.

Not only have the parents named the late star’s estate in the claim, but they also named the bar in which Dunn had been drinking prior to getting behind the wheel of the car. Barnaby’s West Chester allegedly continued to serve the reality television star well after the staff knew he had become visibly intoxicated.

The parents claim that the bar and the driver were both responsible for the death of their son. Not only have they been forced to say goodbye to him forever, but they say that they incurred funeral costs, lost wages he would have earned and have “lost the services, guidance, and comfort” that their son provided in their life.

Source: Digital Spy, “Ryan Dunn estate sued by parents of car crash casualty,” Daniel Sperling, Aug. 9, 2012

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