Construction workers face a variety of hazards on the job, making construction sites some of the most deadly workplaces in America. A new campaign in Pennsylvania is hoping to change that by focusing on construction accident prevention. The U.S. Labor Department’s Occupational Safety a Health Administration (OSHA) recently launched a summer Construction Incident Prevention Initiative.

Although the initiative is focused on Northeastern Pennsylvania, those involved in the construction industry across the state can learn from the campaign’s message. Compliance officers will survey construction sites in 20 Pennsylvania counties between June and September. Inspectors are looking for anything that poses a potential hazard to construction workers. The hope is that the inspections will prevent injuries and fatalities caused by machinery, falls and electrocutions.

According to OSHA, in 2010, 221 Pennsylvania workers lost their lives on-the-job. Forty-six deaths resulted from falls, while 36 were attributed to contact with objects and machinery. Numbers like these show there is definite room for improvement in preventing Pennsylvania workplace accidents.

One employer acknowledged the importance of the initiative and compliance with safety regulations. “We stay compliant and it saves us money and some silly, stupid accidents that could be prevented…It’s a big effort on our part and we get it done because it’s important.”

If you are a construction worker who has been injured in a workplace accident you may be eligible for compensation from a variety of sources. These include a personal injury claim, workers compensation and Social Security disability benefits. An attorney can provide further information based on your specific situation.

Source:, “OSHA initiative promotes construction safety,” Ellen Hoffman, July 1, 2012.