Being the victim of a car accident can cause a lot of emotions to flood to the surface. A person may never forget the moment before getting into a crash. These, and injuries, can become permanent reminders of a moment one may try to forget.

One Pennsylvania woman recalls the moment right before her vehicle was struck by a semi truck. The accident occurred around noon last Friday in King of Prussia; four vehicles were involved. Police are still investigating the incident.

The woman had been in her pickup truck, driving with the flow of traffic. As traffic in front of her began to slow down, she also began to reduce her speed. But as she did, a semi truck that was following close behind her pickup and another vehicle could not stop in time. As the truck driver tried to brake, the semi truck swerved into the next lane and rear-ended a third car. The driver of that car was killed.

The woman, the second car’s driver and the truck driver were all injured in the collision. Accidents that involve larger vehicles, such as semi trucks, can result in serious property damage as well. However the woman reported that there was little damage to her vehicle.

These types of accidents can leave people in need of advice. Accidents victims are often left with a number of questions related to injuries and medical expenses, recovery and even questions about how to pay for car repairs.

Finding the answers can be a challenge. But accident victims should consider speaking with someone who understands the implications of an accident and what steps can be taken to seek compensation.

Source: WPM-TV Philadelphia: “Police ID man killed in I-76 chain-reaction crash,” Nov. 6, 2011