After a fatal car accident, local law enforcement and officials investigate the incident to determine what happened. Families of those involved often have questions about the crash, wondering whether someone was at fault and if the collision could have been prevented.

But in some instances, families have to wait months before an investigation is wrapped up. This was the case regarding a fatal crash that occurred in Lebanon County, Pennsylvania in January of this year. Local law enforcement just recently announced that their investigation was complete.

The initial accident occurred when several young teenagers were driving down the road. According to investigators, they had been traveling at a high speed when the driver lost control of the vehicle. The teenagers’ car crossed into oncoming traffic and collided with another vehicle.

The impact forced the teenagers’ car off the road and into a fence. The four teens were killed; all four were football players at a local high school.

The biggest question following the accident was whether any charges will be filed by the driver of the other vehicle. Then just this week, investigators announced that no charges would be filed in connection to the crash, even though they concluded that it could have been avoided.

After a fatal crash, there are always expenses that the family has to deal with that result from an unexpected death. If a crash is the result of someone else’s negligence, families can file a wrongful death claim against that individual to seek compensation that can help with some of those bills.

Source: WGAL: “No Charges Filed In Crash That Killed 4 Teens,” Nov. 14, 2011