Rolling hills of Pennsylvania play a part in car accident

by | Oct 18, 2011 | Car Accidents |

Driving through Pennsylvania can provide travelers with beautiful scenery, especially during the fall months. But in some of the more hilly areas, car accidents can occur if a driver is not paying attention to other vehicles on the road.

A crash that occurred this past weekend left six people injured. According to Pennsylvania State Police, a car came around a curve and up a hill and collided with another vehicle as it turned into the road.

According to the report, an SUV had been at an intersection near the top of a hill. It was waiting to turn left into the road. However when the SUV moved forward, it pulled out into the path of an oncoming car that had just come over the hill. The driver of the oncoming car saw the SUV in front of him but didn’t have enough time to stop. He tried slamming on the breaks but crashed into the vehicle.

The SUV was carrying three individuals: the driver and two passengers. Two suffered minor injuries while the third person in the SUV was seriously hurt. The injuries were not life-threatening – the third person was listed in fair condition.

The smaller car was also carrying three people. The driver of the car and one of his passengers were injured, but did not appear to require hospitalization. However the third, a teenage boy, sustained major injuries and was transported to a nearby hospital.

When a crash occurs, law enforcement investigates the accident scene to figure out what happened. Here police may still be trying to determine whether either driver was at fault. Regardless of the police’s conclusion, those involved in this particular crash will have to deal with the aftermath: injuries and property damage.

Source: Herald-Mail: “Six people, two with major injuries, hurt in car-SUV crash in Fulton Co.,” Oct. 17, 2011