In several previous posts, we’ve discussed the devastating impact a motorcycle accident can have on the motorcyclist and his or her family and friends. Just recently, a Pennsylvania man was killed after his motorcycle was struck in a multi-vehicle accident.

The driver of the car has been charged by police on 21 criminal counts including driving while under the influence and for leaving the scene of an accident. But it took a while for police to locate the driver. After the collision, the driver fled the scene.

According to the police, the driver was swerving on the road when he slammed into the vehicle in front of his. That vehicle was pushed forward into a motorcycle and then into an SUV in front of the motorcycle. The force of the collision was so great that the driver’s car was wedged underneath the car in front of him.

Instead of staying at the scene, the driver managed to get his car free and drove off, leaving the motorcyclist trapped underneath the SUV. When responders arrived at the scene, he was pulled from the wreckage and immediately transported to a medical center nearby. Though doctors tried to save him, he died the next day as a result of the accident.

Investigators at the crash scene found the license plate belonging to the vehicle that fled the scene. Using that information they found the driver moments after the accident. From statements made by witnesses as well as the officers who took the driver into custody, he is suspected of having been driving while intoxicated though a breath test after his arrest registered a BAC level lower than the legal limit.

Though the driver was taken into custody, a family still lost a loved one because of the crash. For those who are in this type of situation, there are ways to hold the negligent party responsible. Speaking with someone who understands the implication of a fatal accident can help a family take a step in the right direction.

Source: Herald-Mail: “Motorcyclist dies following accident,” Dan Dearth, Oct. 7, 2011