Pennsylvania residents may see a lot of surprising things on the road, from random objects that have flown off of truck beds to intense car accidents. But a crash that occurred earlier this week involved a truck that was hauling 24 cows to a slaughterhouse.

While no other vehicles were involved in this particular accident, a crash involving a truck can cause serious damage to both property and persons. Trucks are, by nature, much larger than the rest of the vehicles on the road. If the truck collides with another vehicle, people in the vehicle can get serious injured or even killed as a result.

The truck crash occurred in the early hours of the morning. The lanes were closed as a result until a few hours after the incident. Apparently the truck driver had been on his way to the slaughterhouse when he moved to change the radio station. It was in that moment, he claims, that the cows shifted and the driver lost control.

As a result, the truck started to slide down the side of the road. As the driver tried to regain control of the situation, the truck flipped onto its side in the middle of the road. Several of the cows were killed in the accident. And while the rest of the cattle may have survived the truck crash, they were simply transported to the slaughterhouse in another vehicle.

Imagine the damage that could have happened if there had been more vehicles on the road when the crash occurred. When individuals are injured in an accident and it was caused by the negligence of another, they can seek compensation for the medical expenses that can arise from injuries.

Source: Tribune Chronicle: “Cattle killed in crash,” Adam Ferrise, Sept. 13, 2011