A hospital visit for even minor injuries can result in a number of medical expenses. When involved in a car accident, injuries can range from minor cuts and bruises to severe head trauma. When hospitalized for injuries, individuals can find themselves wondering how they will pay for the bills.

Earlier this morning, two individuals were hospitalized after a multi-vehicle accident. Pennsylvania State Police are still investigating the crash, but have thus far determined that the collision involving four different vehicles was the result of a chain reaction.

It appears that two cars had stopped behind a bus which had come to a halt to pick up students. School buses have flashing lights and a stop sign arm to indicate to drivers that they need to stop. The driver of a third car allegedly did not see that the bus had come to a stop and was unable to brake in time.

As a result, the third vehicle crashed into the two cars behind the bus. One car had tried to avoid the collision but did not, managing only to scrape the side of the bus. It is unclear who was transported to the hospital for minor injuries, but PSP reported that there were no one else was hurt.

Car accident victims are often faced with issues that go beyond physical injuries. When injuries are of a more serious nature, accident victims may be forced with deal with financial difficulties because of medical bills and lost wages. When a crash is the result of someone else’s negligence, an accident victim can seek compensation.

Source: Perkiomen Valley Patch: “Multi-Vehicle Crash in Lower Frederick Township,” Ann Cornell, Sept. 19, 2011