A Rutgers University student, paralyzed from the neck down in a motorcycle accident, is working hard to fulfill his dreams and to recover from his injuries.

The university student was involved in the motorcycle crash last May that left him with only limited movement of his head and neck. He hopes to get better at some point down the road by working hard at rehabilitation that includes daily stretching exercises and riding a special restorative bicycle.

Motorcycle accidents can cause a lot of damage, both to persons and to property. Compared to the other vehicles on the road, motorcycles are much smaller. Its riders can get severely injured if a collision occurs. Accident victims, like this young man, can be left with permanent injuries that require life-long care.

The student, who is a college senior majoring in biology, is interested in both science and medicine. He hopes to finish college at Rutgers then attend medical school to become a physician. But the road will be difficult.

The injury that he suffered requires intense rehabilitation. Estimations put the cost of a year of therapy at around $300,000. These bills can put a strain on one’s finances and in turn can lead to difficulty maintaining the therapy required for recovery.

Even so, the young man is remaining positive. Once a former high school varsity wrestler, he attributes his current strength to the discipline he learned in sports. The father of one of his best friends agrees saying that wrestling demands someone who is strong and tough and that the paralyzed man has strengths many others do not have.

Friends and family members, including a number of fellow Rutgers students have worked hard at conducting fundraising efforts on his behalf to help defray the high costs of the rehabilitation therapy and special equipment that he needs.

Source: The Daily Targum: “Paralyzed student stays hopeful during recovery,” Morgan Murrell, Sept. 5, 2011