Workers injured in a work-related accident are often faced with a number of problems like medical expenses and lost wages. But fortunately they can seek workers’ compensation benefits that often help alleviate the financial challenges that can arise with an unexpected injury.

But when a worker is killed in a work accident, are there benefits available to his or her family members? In many situations, the worker was the main source of income and provided for the family. A Pennsylvania construction worker was killed last week in a work accident; his family may be wondering what will happen now.

According to the article, the construction worker and several others were on site when a wall collapsed. The worker was trapped under the wall and did not survive. Those at the site tried to rescue the man but were unable to reach him in time.

The accident is already under investigation because it is unclear why the wall collapsed in the first place. The contractor shut down the construction site until further notice. No doubt the investigation will focus on whether the company violated any safety regulations. A hazardous work environment can lead to accidents that can harm or kill workers, as may have been the case in this situation.

At this point, the county inspectors deemed the work site clear of any safety violations. However, the state inspection is still ongoing. There had been a work accident that occurred earlier last month, likely causing heightened scrutiny after this second incident.

The worker’s family may be wondering whether the accident could have been prevented or if the contractor had cut any corners, increasing the risk of an accident. But until the investigation is complete, their questions will likely remain unanswered.

Source: The Baltimore Sun: “One dead, one injured at Arundel Mills slots construction site,” Nicole Fuller and Liz Kay, July 29, 2011.