Over the holiday weekend, travelers likely had a lot on their mind such as spending time with family or figuring out how much food they would need for the weekend. But as many travelers took to the roads, another thing that may have been on their minds was getting to their destinations safely.

Getting into a car accident is a frightening experience; injuries and damages can be serious. This past weekend, a woman was killed when a semi truck crashed into her vehicle. The fatal accident occurred on Monday afternoon in Manchester Township.

Though Pennsylvania State Police are still investigating the incident, they did release some details about the crash. According to the article, the woman had been driving in the northbound lane. The driver of a semi truck was merging left and apparently failed to see the vehicle in the lane next to him.

The semi truck struck the woman’s vehicle on the side and forced it into the concrete median. The force of the impact caused the woman’s vehicle to travel on top of the median, eventually crashing over into the southbound lanes.

At this point, the damage sustained is already severe. But after landing on the other side of the median, the woman’s vehicle was hit by another semi truck. Responders arrived, closing off the southbound lanes for several hours.

The only injuries sustained were that of the driver of the southbound semi truck. It does not appear that the driver of the first semi truck was hurt.

As the PSP continue to investigate the incident, the family of the woman is likely wrestling with a number of questions that will remain unanswered until the investigation is complete.

Source: York Dispatch online, “N.Y. woman dead in I-83 crash in Manchester Twp.,” Greg Gross, 31 May 2011