Motorcyclists share the road with a number of other drivers who are in vehicles that are much larger than a motorcycle. Motorcycle accidents can sometimes occur when the driver of another vehicle is unaware that a biker is behind them or in the lane next to them. When the driver attempts to make a turn or merge into the next lane, they can hit the motorcyclist and cause serious personal injury.

Late last week, a Unionville High School graduate sustained serious injuries when his motorcycle struck the back of a car. The young man had been driving behind an SUV when the motorcycle crash occurred.

The car was driven by a woman who was traveling with a passenger. She attempted to make a left turn at an intersection and as she did so, the motorcycle hit the back left side of the vehicle.

The impact of the crash ejected the young man from his motorcycle. Responders found him with severe head and chest injuries. He was immediately brought to a nearby hospital for medical treatment. He required surgery and was transported to a second medical center; it appears he is in stable condition. The driver of the other vehicle and her passenger were not injured in the crash.

Friends and family say the injured 22-year-old biker and former Unionville wrestler was both an excellent athlete and student during his high school days. Whatever hopes the young man had hoped to pursue may change drastically as a result of this singular accident.

With multiple accident injuries, there is a long medical road of recovery ahead even for someone who was so recently fit and healthy. Rehabilitation will help him get back on his feet, but treatment can be extremely expensive. Victims of motorcycle accidents can sometimes be compensated financially if the accident was caused by the negligence of another.

Source: Southern Chester County Weeklies online, “Standout 2007 Unionville wrestler injured in motorcycle crash,” Wm. Shawn Weigel, 16 May 2011