Imagine driving at night and seeing headlights coming towards you. It happens so suddenly and with no time to react, you get into a serious car accident. While this may seem like many drivers’ worst nightmare, it was realty for three men who were driving through Pennsylvania.

The crash occurred in late March but the woman who caused the crash was just recently charged with multiple criminal charges. According to court documents, the woman had driven her vehicle into oncoming traffic. She crashed into the vehicle carrying the three men, two of whom were hospitalized due to serious injuries.

Responders state that they found the woman unconscious and smelling like alcohol. A blood-alcohol test administered a few hours after the crash showed that the woman’s blood-alcohol level was almost three times above the legal limit in Pennsylvania.

Car accidents can cause serious personal injury to those involved; this crash was no exception. One man suffered a dislocated femur and lacerations to a vital organ. Another man had the most serious injuries, including a ruptured bowel. The woman was also hospitalized with serious injuries.

The woman could be convicted of a second-degree felony; if she is, she could spend the next 10 years in prison. But for the three men in the other vehicle, that is of little help to them as they continue to recover and are forced to deal with mounting medical costs and lost wages as they recover.

Car accident victims should know what sort of options they have following a serious car accident. There are legal options available that can help a crash victim get compensation for injuries and financial losses.

Source:, “Cops: Woman who caused crash was DUI,” Ben Finley, 13 April 2011