An 11-year-old boy was brought to a Philadelphia hospital for rehabilitation after a serious car accident that occurred earlier this month. The crash was caused by an intoxicated driver who rear-ended the vehicle carrying the little boy, another child, and the little boy’s father.

The initial collision pushed the vehicle into a third car. The little boy had been on his way to a softball game. As a result of the accident, the other child was killed; the little boy and his father both sustained serious injuries and were transported to local hospitals.

The little boy’s father suffered multiple broken bones, including a broken pelvis and broken neck, and injuries to two organs. He had to under several blood transfusions and invasive surgeries, including one to insert a rod in his spine. He is reportedly in stable condition.

The little boy’s spine was seriously injured and though he is currently unable to walk, doctors believe that with time and intense therapy he will recover from the injuries. But despite the promising physical recoveries for both the father and son, the two of them will always be emotionally affected by the accident.

The accident does not only have physical consequences for those involved. The father had recently begun a new job and had not yet obtained medical benefits. The mounting medical expenses for both him and his son may seem daunting, especially as he tries to recover. Currently a fund has been set up to help their family with some of the medical costs.

As for the man who caused the crash, he is facing multiple felony charges including aggravated manslaughter. If he is convicted he could be in prison for the next 50 years.

Source: The Hammonton News online, “Prosecutor: Driver who caused fatal crash was intoxicated,” Mark Leiser, 27 April 2011