Pennsylvania students help bus driver after bus accident

by | Mar 17, 2011 | Car Accidents |

Getting into a car accident is not a fun experience. Injuries can prevent car accident victims from being able to move in the wake of a crash. However, in some instances, individuals who are in an accident are able to come to the aid of others.

Several high school students from York County were calm and collected after their bus was hit by a deer early Monday morning. Several of the students helped get the deer off of the front of the bus while others went to the aid of the injured bus driver. They remained with the driver until responders arrived at the accident scene.

Pennsylvania State Police are likely still investigating the incident. However, the article states that a deer crossed the road and then turned back, only to be a hit by a car coming in the opposite direction of the bus. The impact with the car sent the deer flying through the air and into the bus’ windshield.

The bus driver suffered some injuries to her face and was brought to a hospital nearby. She was kept under observation after hospital staff noticed internal bleeding as a result of her head injury. The 25 students from the district who were on the bus were not physically injured in the accident. There is no information regarding the driver of the car that initially struck the deer.

Whenever an individual is injured in a car accident, there are a number of issues that arise as a result. In this case, the bus driver will have to worry about medical bills for the treatment she is receiving in the hospital. In addition, while she is recovering she will likely be unable to return to work and will lose wages during that period of time.

Source: Examiner online, “Deer goes through school bus windshield injuring driver,” Jeffrey Roth, 14 March 2011