Sometimes it is difficult to determine who is at fault in the wake of a car accident. Sometimes a driver may flee the accident scene, making it more difficult for investigators and responders to understand what happened. But sometimes it is clear who caused a crash.

Just last week, a Pennsylvania man was charged with vehicular homicide, a DUI, and reckless endangerment in connection with a fatal car accident that occurred in December. The man was a car salesman who worked at a dealership in Lancaster County. He had been driving the vehicle when it slammed into an embankment on the side of the road.

A father and his son were looking for a vehicle and went on a test drive with the salesman. The drive started out fine, with the son taking the wheel of the Mitsubishi. But eventually the salesman drove the car to show the father and his son what the car was capable of. According to the son, the salesman was driving 100 mph when a truck pulled out in front of them at the salesman lost control of the car.

After hitting the embankment, the car came to a rest in a field. When responders arrived at the scene, the father had already died. It is unclear whether the son sustained any injuries, but the salesman reportedly had some chest pains.

According to the article, police tested the salesman for alcohol and drugs, finding that while the salesman did have alcohol in his system, it was below the legal limit. However, test results also showed that he was under the influence of marijuana.

Though the salesman has already been charged criminally, he could also be facing a civil lawsuit for the wrongful death of the father.

Source: Reuters online, “Test drive turns deadly with car salesman at wheel,” Dave Warner, 05 March 2011