Recent statistics were reported surrounding highway deaths in Pennsylvania. A spokesperson for the Pennsylvania State Police stated that the number of fatal motorcycle accidents has been increasing this past year.

When it gets warmer, motorcycle enthusiasts take advantage of the weather and take to the roads. But motorcycle crashes can occur in a number of ways. However regardless of what causes the crash, it is no secret that the injuries sustained in a motorcycle accident can be devastating. Motorcycles are often smaller vehicles when compared to the SUVs and trucks that share the road.

The increase in motorcycle accidents is not the only trend that is appearing on Pennsylvania roads. According to the article, the number of crashes due to distracted drivers is also growing. Last year, more than 60 deaths across the state were contributed to a distracted driver.

Crashes can also be caused by things like drunk drivers or dangerous road conditions. Either way, getting into a motor vehicle accident can cause a lot of damage to the individuals involved as well as the vehicles themselves. After an accident occurs, the victims often find themselves in the midst of confusing medical bills, insurance claims, and even legal issues.

For motorcyclists, injuries sometimes include a head or brain injury, back trauma, and multiple broken bones. The costs associated with x-rays, check-ups, and surgeries can grow quickly. This can be frustrating for an injured motorcyclist, especially if the accident was caused by the negligence of another driver. In those situations, the injured driver can seek compensation for injuries sustained in the crash.

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