One woman was killed and two more injured in a car accident that occurred last week in Waynesboro, Pennsylvania. The woman was driving her vehicle and had been crossing an intersection; she had the green light. Another vehicle ran a red light and collided with the woman’s vehicle on the driver’s side.

Her van was pushed into a third vehicle that was stopped in the street. The woman was taken to the hospital but did not survive. A passenger in the stationary vehicle also sustained injuries and was brought in for medical treatment. The driver of the vehicle that ran the red light was also injured and, at the time the article was written, was in satisfactory condition.

According to the article, the driver who ran the red light had been fleeing from police. The chase began when the driver flew past police who had been responding to complaints about the driver. The police tried to get the man to stop, but he continued driving recklessly down the road, almost hitting some pedestrians in the process.

Shortly after midnight was when the three-vehicle crash occurred. Witnesses affirmed that the driver drove through the red light and hit the woman in her van.

As a result, the driver is being criminally charged on 18 counts including involuntary manslaughter and driving with a suspended license. Unfortunately this may be of little comfort to the injured passenger and the woman’s nine children that are now without a mother. Additionally, a police officer was injured in the initial chase and was also taken to the hospital.

For people who have been injured in an accident, there are a lot of considerations during the recovery process such as property damage and medical costs. In this particular crash, the extent of the injuries is unknown but there will likely be medical bills to take care of.

Source: The Record Herald online, “Judithann L. Clement’s death ruled a homicide in Waynesboro accident,” 19 March 2011