York County residents gearing up for possible second ice storm

by | Feb 5, 2011 | Car Accidents |

This past week, the upper Midwest and East Coast were hit by snow storms. In Pennsylvania earlier this week, residents experienced an ice storm that caused power outages and downed trees. In addition to those problems, many drivers in York County were faced with slick roads as the ice storm left nearly a quarter-inch layer of ice everywhere.

In the wake of an ice storm, the results can be devastating. Driving on roads with patches of ice can result in many car accidents and injuries. Even if one vehicle hits a patch of ice and loses control of the car, that vehicle can cause a multi-vehicle crash.

According to the York Dispatch, the ice storm earlier this week is over. But there is a chance of snow this weekend and with temperatures hovering near freezing point, York County residents could be faced with a second round of slippery roads.

The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation has reported that their crews were able to work longer shifts in order to keep the roads safe for drivers. There were only 11 vehicle accidents reported in the time period when the ice was the worst. Whether those accidents were serious or not was not included in the article.

Though the number of accidents seems minimal, getting into any type of vehicle accident can cause serious injury to both person and property. In the worst cases, vehicle accidents can be fatal.

As PennDOT prepares for the possibility of more icy roads this weekend, York County drivers should take caution when hitting the road. Getting into a car accident can result in thousands of dollars in medical bills and a lot of other complicated issues that will need to be resolved.

Source: York Dispatch online, “Storm leaves ice, power outages in York County,” Lauren Whetzel, 02 February 2011