Over two years ago, a crash between a car and a motorcycle in Delmont, Pennsylvania, claimed the life of a motorcyclist. This week, the man who caused the accident was sentenced to prison for the next three to six years after pleading guilty to vehicular homicide. The victim’s family members were present in the courtroom.

When a motorcycle accident occurs, there are a number of consequences that can follow. There are obviously physical injuries that can result from a crash. But in some cases, there are other issues that arise such as growing medical bills and even lost income. If the accident was fatal, the victim’s family is not only faced with pain and suffering but also things such as funeral costs. If the accident was the result of someone else’s negligence, should the negligent person be liable for those costs?

The accident that occurred over two years ago took place outside a convenience store. The man was driving in his car and making a turn. He hit the victim who was with his girlfriend on his motorcycle; the motorcyclist was killed. The article also states that the victim’s girlfriend was seriously injured in the collision and was hospitalized with injuries that included a broken back and a fractured pelvis.

According to police, the man had been drunk driving. During the recent court appearance, the man maintained that he had not seen the victim on the motorcycle and that hitting him had been an accident. A blood test revealed that the man had a blood alcohol level that was almost twice the legal limit in Pennsylvania.

In a situation like this, the victim’s family can file a lawsuit against the man driving the car to get compensation for damages that resulted from the crash. In fact, the victim and his girlfriend’s children are suing the man. They are also suing the bar that sold the man alcohol on the grounds of negligence.

Source: Pittsburg Tribune-Review online, “Man pleads guilty in crash that killed Irwin motorcyclist,” Rich Cholodofsky, 08 February 2011