There are a lot of things that can contribute to the cause of an accident. An accident can be the result of a faulty brake on the vehicle itself to a driver’s limited visibility. In other instances, a driver who is intoxicated behind the wheel can cause a crash.

In the aftermath of a car accident, police will investigate to determine what caused the accident. This is the case in an accident that occurred in Washington County this past Sunday. Pennsylvania State Police are still investigating the accident that killed two brothers.

According to the article, the two brothers, both from Pittsburgh, were driving with their wives when their vehicle was rear-ended by an SUV. The SUV was driven by an 18-year-old girl. The brothers’ car drove off the road and rolled down a hill, landing on a guardrail. The two brothers were thrown from the car.

Both of the men were pronounced dead by responders at the scene; the cause believed to be blunt force trauma. Their wives survived the crash and were each brought to different hospitals to be treated for injuries. The driver of the SUV and her passenger were not injured in the crash.

Currently there is little information as to why the driver of the SUV struck the back of the brothers’ vehicle. The investigation will likely provide that answer. But for now, the two wives will not only have to recover from the injuries sustained in the accident, but will also have to deal with the loss of their loved ones.

Source: Pittsburgh Post-Gazette online, “Two brothers killed, wives injured in crash,” 21 February 2011