Last summer, a Pennsylvania woman was killed after a car crashed into the back of the motorcycle that she and her husband were riding. The motorcycle accident caused the woman to sustain serious injuries that led to her death.

Getting into an accident while riding a motorcycle can have serious consequences. Motorcycles are generally much smaller than many of the other vehicles on the road and getting struck by anything from a car to a truck can result in broken bones and severe head injuries.

According to the article, the driver of the car recently pled guilty to negligent manslaughter. The accident occurred when the Pennsylvania woman and her husband had stopped at a red light on his motorcycle. They were waiting when the driver of the car collided with them from behind. The woman was ejected from the motorcycle, landing on the car and then the ground. Her husband was also thrown to the ground upon impact.

The driver of the car was apparently drunk driving when the accident occurred. After the crash, police administered some tests to determine whether the driver was in fact intoxicated. The driver’s blood-alcohol content level was twice the legal limit, meaning that she had been legally intoxicated when she crashed into the motorcycle.

Though the article does not give any information about the husband, it is likely that he too sustained injuries that resulted from the accident. Not only will he be dealing with the pain associated with recovery, but he is also mourning the loss of his wife. It can be especially difficult knowing that her death was caused by someone else’s negligence.

Source: The Baltimore Sun online, “Carroll County woman pleads guilty to negligent manslaughter,” Don Markus, 11 February 2011