In some instances, injuries sustained in a motor vehicle accident do not become obvious right away. Sometimes it takes a while for injuries to manifest; victims may not even realize that they were injured in the accident. It can also take some time to fully understand how an injury will affect someone.

A woman was recently in a car accident in Adams County, Pennsylvania. She sustained a neck injury in the crash; the woman with her was not hurt. At this point, her injuries are believed to be minor.

The accident occurred this past Monday when, according to police reports, a man drove through a red light. The man’s vehicle hit the back of the woman’s car. The man told the woman that he would give her his information but then drove away. The woman tried to follow him but was unsuccessful.

The article does not say what occurred next, but it is likely that police officers were made aware of the accident and continued to search for the man. They found him at home where he told officers he left the accident site because he did not want his license taken away.

As a result, the man is facing several charges including traffic violations and a charge for accidents involving damage. He is probably also being charged with fleeing an accident scene, though that information is not yet available.

The woman is also dealing with the consequences of the accident. Though her injuries are currently considered minor, her injuries could become more serious with time. If that is the case, she may have more hospital bills and have to take time off work, resulting in lost wages.

Source: York Daily Record online, “Man charged in hit-and-run in Adams County,” 26 January 2011