Car accidents can occur for a number of reasons. Sometimes a car accident is caused by a driver who is under the influence of drugs or alcohol. In any accident, people involved can suffer severe injuries.

In July of last year, a Pennsylvania woman caused a car accident. She had been driving and crossed over into the opposite lane, crashing into another vehicle. Two girls were in that vehicle, both students at the local high school. The crash injured the driver of the car and her passenger was killed at the scene of the accident. The woman is currently waiting for her arraignment.

According to the police report, other drivers saw the woman weaving on the road before crashing into the other vehicle. After the crash, police tested her blood to determine whether she had been driving under the influence.

The blood test results showed that there were five different controlled substances in her bloodstream when the crash occurred. All five were prescription medications that, when taken together, made it near impossible for the woman to drive safely.

Additionally, police had pulled the woman over a few hours before the fatal accident occurred and gave the woman two traffic citations. The officer who stopped her also told her not to continue driving.

In the wake of a fatal car accident, victims and their families face a lot of challenges. There are physical difficulties that come with any injury, not to mention having to recover from serious injuries. Families of victims may also be faced with legal complications as they seek compensation for their loss.

In October, the woman was formally charged with several charges including vehicular homicide, DUI, and careless driving.

Source: Waynesboro Record Herald online, “Mary E. Bonebrake waives hearing in Quincy Township crash that killed Angalena K. Robinson,” Rachel Bryson, 12 January 2011