Motorcycles are the smallest motor vehicles on the road on a given day. Motorcyclists are constantly watching out for other cars and trucks in traffic. Many times, motorcycle accidents occur because the driver of another vehicle did not see the motorcyclist.

There are instances, however, where a motorcycle accident is caused by something else. Several months ago, a Pennsylvania man was killed after he hit a guard rail on the side of the road and flew off his motorcycle. Just the other day, a truck driver was charged in connection with the man’s death.

According to the report, the truck driver had been hauling furniture when a couch fell off his truck and onto the road. As a result, traffic began swerving around the piece of furniture. The man riding the motorcycle apparently swerved to avoid hitting traffic, which had slowed down, causing him to crash.

In a situation like this, a piece of furniture in the middle of the road poses serious traffic issues. When transporting something like a couch, the driver should make sure that the furniture is securely fastened and will not fall into the road. Though the motorcyclist’s death was the only reported injury, other accidents and injuries could have occurred as cars attempted to dodge the couch.

An investigation also revealed that the man did not have a motorcycle license and was riding a motorcycle that had not passed a recent state inspection. Typically state regulations such as safety inspections and valid license requirements are in place to protect not only the drivers but others on the road.

Source: York Daily Record online, “Charges filed in Jackson Township motorcyclist’s death,” 06 December 2010