Pennsylvania State Police are still looking for a possible third unknown vehicle that they believe was involved in a fatal car accident earlier this week. Two other vehicles had collided with one another; police believe that the unknown third vehicle hit one of the cars before driving away.

A Pennsylvania man had been driving through New Albany Township when he lost control of his car. His car moved into oncoming traffic and was hit by a pickup truck. The pickup truck hit the man’s car on the passenger’s side; eventually both vehicles stopped moving. It is at this point that police believe a third vehicle crashed into the pickup.

The Pennsylvania man died upon impact; the pickup truck driver sustained injuries and was brought to a local hospital. The extent of the pickup driver’s injuries is unknown at this time.

Though it is not entirely certain, Pennsylvania State Police believe that the man lost control of his car because of the icy road, however they are not ruling out anything at this point until toxicology test results are returned.

There are several questions that are raised in regards to this incident. At what speed was the man traveling on the road? How icy was the patch of road when the vehicle slid? Should the road have been de-iced at this point? Could the fatal accident have been prevented?

Getting in a serious car accident can cause a lot of frustration for all parties involved. Being injured in a car accident can result in medical bills that are difficult to pay, especially if the injury forces the victim to take a leave of absence from work. It can be a lot to deal with after a traumatic accident.

Source: Morning Times online, “Man killed in Wednesday morning accident,” 30 December 2010