Icy roads in Pennsylvania have caused a number of car accidents recently. In order to decrease the number of incidents as well as the amount of ice and snow, crews have been out removing the ice from roads.

Earlier this week, a motor vehicle accident on the Pennsylvania turnpike killed one and injured three others. Law enforcement is still investigating the accident. After the incident, traffic on the turnpike was backed up for several hours as officers worked to reconstruct the crash.

Thus far, the investigation has determined the sequence of events that led up to the fatal accident. Crews were removing ice from the Allegheny Tunnel and traffic had come to a stop as a result. A husband and wife were coming up to the tunnel in their pickup truck; the husband was driving and did not realize traffic had stopped.

The pickup truck collided with a trailer and rolled over. The wife was ejected from the front seat of the vehicle. The article does not give information as to whether she died on impact or at a later time, but she suffered blunt force trauma injuries.

The other two people in the vehicle were injured and brought to a local hospital. Both were treated and seem to have been released at this point. The man who had been in the vehicle that the pickup collided with also sustained minor injuries from the impact of the crash.

Getting into a car accident can cause a lot of problems. Not only can crashes be fatal and cause serious bodily injury, but they can also cause serious damage to property as well.

Source: Daily American online, “Details of fatal turnpike accident released,” Michelle Ganassi, 29 December 2010