Though Thanksgiving Day has passed, the holiday weekend is still coming up. With people driving to visit their families and others in search of great shopping deals, the number of cars on the road increases around this time of year.

In Pennsylvania, more people are out on the Pennsylvania Turnpike more than any other holiday each year. This year is no exception as law enforcement expects to see millions of vehicles out and about. With that many vehicles on the road, officials are taking extra precautions to prevent car accidents from happening.

Officials are doing what they can to ease travel plans for families this weekend. Most construction work is being adjusted so that traffic can flow more smoothly. Those on the Turnpike can also expect to see more police officers who will be there to help if there are any emergencies.

While law enforcement will be doing their part on the roads this weekend, they are also urging drivers to do their part as well. With all the vehicles out this weekend, drivers need to be alert and watch for other cars.

Drivers also need to avoid distractions such as using their cell phones to text. Some don’t realize that looking away for a few moments can be disastrous. Pennsylvania law enforcement has seen a several instances where a driver has caused a fatal accident because they were texting.

Police are also encouraging drivers to report reckless drivers that they may see on the roads. If travelers are willing to work with law enforcement to keep the roads safe, the likelihood of getting into an accident could decrease this weekend.

Source: The Reporter online, “Turnpike braces for tons of traffic,” 24 November 2010