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While a driver is the one behind the wheel of a semi-truck, they rely on a variety of different people and companies to ensure that their vehicle operates safely. A trucking company, for example, is responsible for many aspects of keeping a truck safe. Unfortunately, if carrier companies do not uphold these responsibilities, they can contribute to dangerous situations.

How might a trucking company contribute to a crash?

Have they given their drivers the training they need?

Trucking companies are responsible for selecting drivers, providing them with appropriate training and supervising those drivers. If they do not provide their drivers with the training they need to operate the truck or handle specific cargo, that failure could contribute to an accident.

Have they pressured drivers to act in unsafe ways?

While regulations limit how much time truck drivers can be on the road, how often vehicles must  undergo inspection and how fast trucks can travel, companies do not always respect these rules. Some may even put profits before safety and order or encourage drivers to break the law or act unsafely behind the wheel. Truck drivers may face pressure to haul more than they should, skip routine maintenance or drive for longer hours, all of which could put others at risk.

Have they adequately maintained their trucks?

Individual drivers on the road are responsible for maintaining their cars. However, trucking companies are responsible for inspecting, repairing and maintaining the vehicles in their fleet. When carriers do not care for vehicles, that poor maintenance could result in an accident.

Do they properly load their vehicles?

Keeping a large commercial vehicle safe on the road depends on many different factors, including the loading of cargo. If a company does not secure the cargo in a trailer or loads the cargo in an uneven manner, it may be difficult for a driver to control their truck when hazards arise.


Because of the many different parties that can contribute to a trucking accident, injured people and their families may want experienced guidance after a crash. With help, they can identify all negligent people and companies involved in the crash and hold them responsible.