On a construction site, workers rely on their eyes to perform tasks and assess danger. However, injuries to their eyes could compromise their vision and their ability to perform this work in the future. What should construction workers know about eye injuries?

Eye injuries are a common risk in construction settings.

As the Centers for Disease Control notes, a variety of different factors can put the eyes at risk, including dust, pieces of cement, wood and metal slivers, nails and industrial chemicals. The high heat of activities like welding can also prove dangerous. The commonality of these factors on construction sites puts workers on those job sites at higher risk.

How might an eye injury impact your life?

The eyes are a fragile part of the body, and injuries can permanently impact their function. While immediate treatment can help some people minimize their impact or recover, eye injuries could leave a person with permanent double vision in the affected eye or vision loss. This impairment can make it difficult to pursue their previous career.

These injuries can also permanently change a person’s appearance. In the process, they might face social challenges and other emotional strain in addition to the physical challenges created by their injuries.

While eye injuries can change the course of a person’s life, support is available. Workers’ compensation benefits can offset the costs of medical treatment, provide compensation for lost wages as a person recovers or offer financial support after permanent injury.