The symptoms of a brain injury like a concussion can take hours, days or even weeks to appear after a crash. Especially if your symptoms are relatively mild, you may think that this delay means that you can skip a visit to the doctor and focus on vehicle repairs. Unfortunately, that may not be the case. How might an untreated brain injury impact your health?

Untreated injuries can have longer-lasting symptoms.

While treatment can help a person move past their injuries, the symptoms of an untreated head injury can last for longer and have a greater impact on their life. A concussion’s impact on a person’s focus, memory and emotional life can make it difficult to maintain their work, schooling or personal relationships. Headaches and sleep changes can significantly impact all aspects of their life.

Untreated brain injuries can increase your risk in the future.

Even if your injury does not seem severe, a lack of treatment could mean that future head injuries do more significant damage and take longer to heal. Even repeated mild brain injuries can lead to long-term challenges including memory and concentration issues, loss of balance, headaches and other symptoms.

A lack of treatment may leave you without the necessary documentation.

A thorough medical evaluation can create essential documentation for an insurance claim or personal injury claim. Not only can your doctor assess your injuries and ensure that you receive treatment, that visit also links your injuries to the accident and shows that you took those injuries seriously. Especially if your symptoms grow worse, this documentation can be key to getting the financial support you need.

Even if your injuries seem mild, seeking prompt medical attention can help you protect your health and your access to compensation.