Healthcare workers are especially important in current times, and most of them are dedicating all their time to take care of others. It makes sense that they might put aside their own health to prioritize the wellbeing of their patients.

Unfortunately, many nurses and medical professionals are at risk for injuries in the workplace. And there are a wide variety of hazards across the hospital.

What to watch out for in hospitals

Nurses and medical professionals need to perform a variety of tasks while balancing a tough schedule, complex tools and unruly patients. There are even times when nurses at risk for needle-sticks, violence from patients, lifting injuries and significant amounts of stress.

It’s not shocking that many nurses deal with injuries in their work environment. And according to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), 48% of injuries are caused by overexertion or bodily reaction, including lifting, bending or reaching. Medical professionals may overexert their bodies by moving patients, reaching over patients to adjust tubing and moving equipment.

While the causes range, healthcare workers also experience all types of physical injuries, including sprains, strains, bruises, cuts, fractures, pain or soreness, burns and severe trauma.

Along with these physical incidents, hospital staff members are exposed to illness and disease. There is also the risk of long-term pain and symptoms for most employees, which makes your job more difficult.

Luckily, nurses and other medical staff are eligible for workers’ compensation in Pennsylvania. They just need to file a claim and seek the proper medical treatments for their injuries.