Let’s face it, no one actively prepares to deal with the aftermath of being in an accident before it happens. Sure, we put on our seatbelts, drive within posted speed limits and follow the rules of the road for the most part, but when someone runs into us; we accidently hit someone else,  common sense may go out the window. With that said, it is important to have some basic rules in mind for how to deal with the stress, confusion and uncertainty that comes after being in a car accident

Check to see if everyone is okay – Arguably the most important thing to do is to see if anyone needs immediate emergency attention. A person who is unconscious or bleeding profusely fits this description. Also, if a person is complaining of neck or back pain, it may not be good to move them until help arrives unless there is a dangerous situation.

Move your vehicles  – A basic fender bender could be made worse if the cars are sitting in the middle of a busy intersection or highway. If your vehicles are operable, you can move them to the shoulder so that traffic can pass.

Remain calm – It is okay to be shaken up after an accident. After all, no one expect to be in a crash. But remaining calm will help if you have children in the car who might have been frightened by the event.

Don’t worry about your records – If you don’t have your insurance card on you, try to download your company’s app that will give you access to your information and allow you to start a claim right at the scene.