We hope our readers had a great Fourth of July weekend. For many people, the holiday weekend was just the beginning of a larger vacation. However, for an unfortunate few, the weekend led to unanticipated accidents and injuries.

Some car accidents (and truck accidents) are easy to resolve, and an insurance company commonly gathers information quickly so that a claim can be paid. However, other accidents may not be so clear cut, and additional evidence is needed to prove who was at fault. In these situations, it is helpful to know what can be used to bolster one’s claim in the event it must be litigated.

This post will highlight a few things.

Witness statements – While you were driving, you may not have been able to see the accident occur. However, other people may have. So bystanders and other drivers can be helpful in supporting your position

Cell phone video – It is so common to have jarring events captured on cell phone videos; capturing the aftermath of an accident is a helpful way to give people a first-hand view into what happened and how injuries may have occurred.

Medical reports – Your medical records may not be instructive on how to determine who was at fault, but they can be helpful in proving the extent of your injuries. Also these documents are important in proving damages with regard to medical costs.  

If you have additional questions about your right to compensation after a car accident during the holiday weekend, an experienced personal injury attorney can help.