Last night, destruction took place and is the likely result of a known dangerous behavior. Drinking and driving is deadly, no matter what kind of vehicle is involved. In the case of an accident in Pennsylvania yesterday, drivers of a motorcycle and standard vehicle learned the hard way that drunk driving changes lives.

Last night the two motor vehicles got into a collision, a collision that cost a motorcycle passenger her life. At this point, both drivers involved in what’s suspected to be a DUI crash have survived. The 59-year-old passenger on the back of the bike, however, died at the scene of the accident.

Early reports about the incident indicate that authorities have reason to believe that both drivers in this case may have been under the influence. Since the wreck only occurred last night, the investigation is ongoing. Officials need to uncover what, if any, wrongdoing led to the crash and the loss of life.

Both drivers could be charged with DWI if evidence supports such charges; they could also hypothetically be held liable for the victims’ death if she has surviving loved ones with a thirst for civil action and justice. Accidents involving motorcycles are commonly the cause of the other driver’s inattention or lack of respect regarding a motorcyclist’s rights to share the road. If that were the case, then the motorcycle driver could have reason to pursue legal action against the other driver.

All of the legal options would depend on the information gathered during an investigation. Someone who is involved in an accident caused by drunk driving or another form of recklessness can discuss their experience with a personal injury lawyer to get a clearer idea about what they can do to move forward.

Source: The Morning Call, “Motorcycle passenger killed in suspected DUI crash in Carbon County,” Tracy Jordan, Aug. 19, 2013