State money to go toward preventing aggressive driving crashes

by | Jul 13, 2013 | Car Accidents |

While just a few years ago the term “distracted driving” was a stranger, now, it is a common topic of conversation and matter of legislation. There are other categories of risky driving, however, and the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation is targeting a particular type of recklessness.

What is aggressive driving? According to PennDOT, aggressive driving often involves behaviors such as running red lights, speeding and tailgating. Each of those driving habits clearly can lead to an increased chance that a car accident would take place.

An anti-aggressive driving effort began on July 8 and will continue until Aug. 15. Law enforcement throughout Pennsylvania will be hyper-vigilant about identifying aggressive driving behaviors and punishing the drivers involved.

The reason behind the increased enforcement is to create awareness about the problem of aggressive driving and to prevent the deaths and injures that result from drivers’ recklessness. According to PennDOT, nearly 200 people died in motor vehicle accidents tied to aggressive driving last year. That number was an increase compared to the year before. 

These days, people tend to be in a hurry. They are rushing and probably trying to multi-task while behind the wheel. When distraction and speed combine, people get hurt. Not just the distracted and aggressive drivers get hurt or killed, but their behaviors too often harm those who were doing nothing wrong. 

Someone who believes his injuries or loss were caused by a driver who was speeding, ran a let, etc., should speak with a personal injury attorney to evaluate the potential legal options that are available to them during such a stressful time. 

Source: PennDOT, “PennDOT to Aid State, Municipal Police in Aggressive-Driving Enforcement,” Jayne Ann Bugda, July 8, 2013