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People of all kinds enjoy the lifestyle of riding a motorcycle. Take a famous, celebrated chef, for example. Josef Desimone was the chef for Facebook and impressed its many employees with his passion and talent. Outside of his cooking, he also volunteered. He also rode a motorcycle.

Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of the popular social network, made an announcement that Desimone passed away this week. He reportedly died in a motorcycle accident and has left many behind who are mourning the loss of the 44-year-old.

Though the early reports of Desimone’s death all indicate that he’s gone because of a fatal motorcycle accident, the details of the crash are not public. There are various reasons why riding a motorcycle is dangerous, many of which are tied to the negligence of motorists.

Motorcycle accidents are often caused when drivers of standard vehicles make illegal turns or fail to yield to riders. The failure to see motorcycles proves to be a fatal mistake on a daily basis, whether in Pennsylvania or in California, where Desimone was killed. Distracted driving is a growing cause of all motor vehicle accidents including those involving motorcyclists.

When an accident occurs between a motorcycle and a standard vehicle, the driver of a motorcycle is likely to sustain the most serious injuries. The danger of riding a motorcycle doesn’t take away from the responsibility that motorists owe to share the roads in a legal, safe manner. 

If more details about Desimone’s motorcycle-related death unfold, we will post an update.

Source: San Jose Mercury News, “Facebook chef Josef Desimone killed in motorcycle accident,” Brandon Bailey, July 23, 2013