Various types of injuries and illnesses can keep someone from working. Unum, an insurance provider, reports that there is a leading cause among workers who file disability claims. Not only is cancer impacting individuals on personal, emotional, medical and family levels; it is preventing U.S. workers’ abilities to return to work when they might want to.

Of the short-term disability claims filed last year, cancer accounted for about 16 percent. The only medical reason that topped cancer was maternity. In regards to long-term disability insurance, cancer made for the most filings, about 16 percent of all cases. The treatment and side effects related to cancer are extreme and clearly can keep sufferers from returning to their days at the office.

May is Cancer Awareness Month. It is a perfect time for all workers to get informed about their rights to disability insurance. There are various types of insurance that might become necessary someday, depending on a person’s illness, injury and treatments related to their individual disabilities.

As for planning, it can be a wise idea, especially based on the incidence of cancer and long-term care, for workers with cancer history in their lives to elect long-term disability coverage. Those who have greater reason to believe they might suffer from cancer should consider buying long-term coverage, either through their employer or a private plan.

Disability insurance is a complex matter, one that becomes more stressful in a time of crisis such as illness or injury. An experienced disability claims lawyer can help those who are fighting against claim denial or who simply have questions regarding the filing process.

Source: The Chattanoogan, “Cancer Remains Leading Cause Of Unum’s Disability Claims,” April 30, 2013