For most, it is difficult to fathom what it would be like to lose a loved one. Unless you have been in that situation, understanding the emotions and thoughts that run through a person’s mind is near impossible.

Just this past weekend, a family is finding themselves in that very situation. Their loved one was the victim of a fatal car accident that occurred on the Pennsylvania Turnpike last Friday. The accident involved a large tanker truck and two smaller vehicles. Pennsylvania State Police are likely still investigating the multi-vehicle crash.

According to the news article, there were actually two separate accidents involving the same tanker truck. A car that had been traveling behind the truck somehow crashed in to the back of the truck. There is no information as to why this occurred. But after the initial crash, another vehicle stopped to offer assistance.

It is a little unclear as to what happened next. But according to PSP, the second vehicle that had stopped was somehow hit by the tanker truck. Both vehicles that were hit by the truck sustained serious damage.

In addition to property damage, there were injuries as well. One individual was transported to a local medical center to be treated for injuries. Another individual was killed in the crash. However at this point there is no information as to which driver suffered what injuries. It is likely, however, that the drivers of the smaller vehicles suffered the most damage.

The family of the accident victim who was killed probably wants to know what happened in those early hours of the morning. Had the driver of the tanker truck been distracted behind the wheel? Was the truck driver impaired by alcohol or drugs? Hopefully these questions will be answered in the course of an investigation.

Source: Philadelphia Inquirer: “Pa. Turnkpike reopens near Lansdale after fatal tanker truck crash,” Sept. 2, 2011