Law enforcement is still investigating a serious car accident that occurred yesterday. A Pennsylvania woman is the focus of the investigation after she struck another vehicle while driving the wrong way down the highway.

In the event of a car crash, there are a number of different consequences that those involved will have to deal with. Not only are there physical injuries that can result from a crash, but financial issues as well. If one of the drivers was negligent and caused the crash, there are legal complications that can arise.

Yesterday’s car crash left one individual dead and two others injured. A Pennsylvania woman had somehow ended up driving into oncoming traffic. Drivers that passed her alerted local police but before they were able to reach the woman, she crashed head first into a vehicle carrying two men.

It is unclear how fast both cars had been going when the collision had occurred, but since the two cars were on the highway, it is likely that they were traveling at fast speeds. The impact was so great that emergency responders had to extricate the two men out of their car. The passenger in that vehicle died at the accident scene.

The driver of the other vehicle and the woman were both taken to local hospitals for several injuries. Both appear to be recovering.

Authorities are still trying to determine how the woman ended up on the wrong side of the road. She had managed to drive several miles until hitting the other car. At this point, police are not sure whether alcohol or drugs were involved.

A fatal car accident is devastating in many ways. Specifically, the family of the man who was killed is struggling to understand the loss of their loved one. No doubt they have many questions about who is at fault and what can be done to hold that individual responsible.

Source: The Journal-News online, “1 killed, 2 hurt in wrong-way, I-95-crash,” Colin Gustafson, 25 July 2011