Pennsylvania drivers are often reminded to keep an eye out for motorcyclists. Given the size of motorcycles, it can be more difficult to spot them. This unawareness can lead to motorcycle accidents and cause serious injury for those involved, especially the motorcyclist.

But motorcycle accidents can occur in a number of different circumstances. One factor that can contribute to a motorcycle crash is alcohol. Often in the wake of a crash, law enforcement determines whether one of the drivers was under the influence of alcohol. This past weekend, a motorcyclist was killed when his bike was hit by a pickup truck.

From what police have pieced together, the motorcyclist had been riding in Harmony Township. A young man in a pickup truck crossed over the center line and hit the motorcycle. Responders transported the motorcyclist to the hospital but his injuries were too severe and he did not survive.

But the driver of the pickup truck was not at the accident scene when police officers arrived. According to the report, the young man had run off. He was found soon after and registered a blood-alcohol content level greater than the state’s limit, leading officers to believe that he had also been under the influence at the time of the crash.

While any fatal accident is tragic, this particular instance is most likely even more frustrating for the motorcyclist’s family. The pickup truck driver should not have even been on the road. His records show that his license had been suspended and he had already been arrested several times after being caught driving without a valid license.

The pickup truck driver has already been criminally charged and is awaiting his next court appearance. And while nothing will bring back their loved one, the family of the motorcyclist could also seek compensation for their loss.

Source: ABC News: Pittsburgh online, “Police: DUI Driver Without License Runs From Fatal Crash,” 18 July 2011