As more cars are out on the road every day, the need for safe driving becomes imperative. Too often accidents occur because drivers are distracted by their phones or are simply driving too fast. Distracted driving can be catastrophic when the distraced driver encounters a motorcyclist on the road.

York County, Pennsylvania has seen a number of motorcycle accidents that result in fatalities. In 2010 alone, 13 motorcyclists have died in York County accidents. Previous years have reflected similar numbers. The director of the Center for Traffic Safety in York has formed a motorcycle safety committee that will address the high number of fatalities and think of ways to bring that number down.

In order to decrease the number of motorcycle accidents in York County, advocates of motorcycle safety as well as the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation are working together to inform people of the importance of safe riding. This includes teaching motorcyclists how to stay safe on the roads as well as reminding drivers of cars and trucks to watch for motorcycles on the road.

For one man who has been a motorcyclist for over 50 years, he understands road safety better than most. A few years ago he was hit by a car and sustained several injuries as a result. He believes that awareness and decreasing distractions will help decrease motorcycle accident fatalities.

Though motorcycle safety advocates know that change will not happen immediately, they are hoping that any campaigns they launch will promote awareness within the community.

Source:, “13th motorcycle fatality in York County has advocates looking for answers,” Amanda Dolasinski, 26 October 2010