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July 2012 Archives

More health services could mean more medical malpractice cases

As more medical facilities and health services become available in smaller Pennsylvania communities, more residents have access to care for which they once had to travel a considerable distance. Local medical care means that people can keep themselves healthier while staying close to home. But there is some speculation that this improved access to medical facilities and services could mean an increase in medical malpractice cases.

Falls: Number One Cause of Fatalities for Construction Workers

Last week we discussed OSHA's campaign to prevent heat illness among outdoor workers. This week we will touch on another one of OSHA's major initiatives, fall prevention in the construction industry. Many people may be surprised to learn that falls are the leading cause of fatalities in the construction industry.

Too many ignoring ban on texting while driving

Texting while behind the wheel is illegal in Pennsylvania and many other states, and most people will even acknowledge that it is unsafe. But the sad truth of the matter is that so many motorists ignore the law that sending and receiving text messages while driving has almost become the normal practice, causing many car accidents.

Pennsylvania man sentenced for car accident that killed friends

Many of us have received speeding tickets or warnings from police to slow down. But speeding remains one of those traffic violations that people too often commit without taking the potential consequences seriously. The excuse that "everybody does it" doesn't seem unreasonable until a serious car accident occurs.

Nationwide Campaign to Prevent Heat Illness Among Outdoor Workers

For large areas of the U.S., this summer has been one of the hottest on record. Many workers are able to cool off in air conditioned offices, but for those who work outdoors there is no relief from the sweltering heat. In an effort to prevent heat illness among workers, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has launched a new outreach campaign.

Harrisburg taxi driver pleads guilty for fatal motorcycle crash

A diabetic taxi driver who admitted to causing a fatal crash as a result of his low blood sugar pleaded guilty Monday to five counts of homicide by vehicle and other charges. The Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, man had been scheduled to stand trial for the motorcycle accident that killed five bikers and seriously injured a sixth, but he chose to enter the plea on the day the trial was set to begin.

Pennsylvania accident victim's dad sells car to afford funeral

One of the many burdens that families of accident victims must face is the cost of funeral and burial expenses. It can be difficult for families to afford these costs, and most haven't budgeted for them because it's the last thing they expected to have to pay for, especially in the case of surviving parents of teenage victims. Financial experts often say that expensive purchases should never be made in times of great emotional stress, but fatal car accidents leave survivors with little choice.

Pennsylvania police officer killed in motorcycle accident

Often in this blog we've discussed the deadly consequences of car and truck drivers' failure to keep an eye out for motorcycles. But there's another danger that leads to motorcycle accidents, one that affects motorists in any vehicle: drunk drivers.

OSHA Launches Construction Safety Initiative in Pennsylvania

Construction workers face a variety of hazards on the job, making construction sites some of the most deadly workplaces in America. A new campaign in Pennsylvania is hoping to change that by focusing on construction accident prevention. The U.S. Labor Department's Occupational Safety a Health Administration (OSHA) recently launched a summer Construction Incident Prevention Initiative.

Pennsylvania woman sentenced for accident that killed mother of 2

The loss of a parent can be traumatic at any age, but it's particularly hard on young children. When a parent's death comes unexpectedly, such as in a car accident, children and other surviving family members are left in shock, unprepared to continue life without their mother or father.

Disabled Pennsylvanians have much to gain from health care ruling

The U.S. Supreme Court's decision to uphold the highly controversial Affordable Care Act could have a significant impact on people with disabilities in Pennsylvania, according to many advocates. With so many residents being denied Social Security disability insurance or the benefits to their employers' long-term disability plans, the changes to the nation's health care system offer some promise of finally gaining access to the care they need and deserve.

Shippensburg, Pennsylvania Foundry Cited for Repeat Safety Violations

Employers have a duty to provide their employees with safe working conditions. This makes it all the more concerning when they fail to correct known safety issues. Unfortunately, this seems to be what may be happening at an iron foundry in Shippensburg, Pennsylvania. The company was recently cited by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) for several safety violations, many of which are repeat violations, and all of which could have resulted in workplace accidents or injuries.

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