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Posts tagged "wrongful death"

Man responsible for killing 2 motorcyclists fights punishment

Motorcyclists are in danger when they take to the roads. It is generally not the fault of their own; rather, it is the fault of the many drivers who are reckless behind the wheel. Even a sober driver often endangers motorcyclists. Add alcohol to the equation, and a motorcyclist is bound to be injured by a drunk driver in a car next to him.

Fatal Pennsylvania bus accident sparks concern over charter rides

In the past couple of years, various bus accidents that have taken the lives of passengers have shaken up not just the communities where they occurred, but the nation. Are tour buses really a safe way to travel? What about charter buses that so commonly carry students, young lives that deserve the utmost protection?

Pickup truck crashes into car in eastern Pennsylvania, killing 2

While we all know in theory that fatal car accidents happen countless times a day -- every day -- across the country, we tend not to think about the possibility that one of these accidents will happen to us or someone we love. Even the act of putting on a seat belt has become automatic. Most of us do it not because we're afraid of crashing, but because it's a well-ingrained habit. But the unfortunate truth is that none of us is guaranteed an accident-free journey through life. Driving carefully is important, but it doesn't prevent a fatal collision with a driver who might not be as cautious.

Driver to stand trial for accident that killed New Castle boy, 7

Fatal car accidents are always tragic, but especially when they take the lives of young children. And when the accident is caused by circumstances under a driver's control, it can be that much harder for the victim's family to overcome their loss. A recent accident that killed a 7-year-old boy in New Castle, Pennsylvania, and severely injured his 9-year-old neighbor, for example, is being blamed on a man suspected of driving under the influence of drugs.

Criminal charges possible in crash that killed 2 Pennsylvania men

A crash that killed two Gordon, Pennsylvania, men earlier this week is being investigated as a criminal matter, according to police officials in Mount Carmel Township. That news may offer some comfort to the victim's devastated family members, who could decide to file a wrongful death lawsuit as a result of the at-fault driver's actions.

Criminal trials may not determine civil trial outcomes

In past blog posts we've discussed how the outcome of a criminal trial can affect a civil lawsuit in the event of a car accident that causes injury or death. If a driver who caused a car accident is convicted of drunk driving, for example, the attorney of a person injured in that accident may have an easier time proving that the driver negligently caused the injuries and should be forced to compensate the injury sufferer.

Car accident in western Pennsylvania kills 2, injures 1

Often in this blog we discuss some of the most egregious causes of traffic accidents. Drunk driving, for example, takes countless lives across Pennsylvania and injures many more. Distracted driving is another common cause of car accidents causing injury or death. But sometimes there's no obvious cause to point to when investigators are determining what led to a fatal accident. In those cases, victims or their families may have a more difficult time seeking compensation for their pain and suffering.

Pennsylvania driver convicted for car accident that killed friend

A 27-year-old western Pennsylvania man has been sentenced to more than two years in prison for his role in the death of his best friend. The Mercer County resident caused a drunk-driving car crash in 2011 that killed his friend. The crash occurred just miles from a fatal 2002 wreck that also involved the driver.

Western Pennsylvania tractor-trailer crash kills mother, daughter

Although car accidents take the lives of thousands of people every year, most of us don't think about the risk of serious injury or death we take every time we get into a car. Actively fearing an accident so often is not only a nerve-wracking way to go through life, but an inconvenient one, if it prevents us from traveling anywhere. For most people, it's only a passing occasional thought that might prompt us to buckle up and drive a little more carefully.

Pennsylvania resort owner sued after DUI car accident kills teen

Most parents of teenagers have some concern about whether their children use alcohol. If you're the parent of a teen, restricting access to the alcohol in your home and talking with your teen about the risks of underage drinking are two good steps to take. But there's no guarantee that your teen and his friends won't find other ways to drink alcohol, particularly if other parents aren't as diligent about prohibiting teen drinking.

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