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Posts tagged "Fatal Accident"

Man responsible for killing 2 motorcyclists fights punishment

Motorcyclists are in danger when they take to the roads. It is generally not the fault of their own; rather, it is the fault of the many drivers who are reckless behind the wheel. Even a sober driver often endangers motorcyclists. Add alcohol to the equation, and a motorcyclist is bound to be injured by a drunk driver in a car next to him.

Pennsylvania driving laws working to prevent teen deaths

Teens and driving bring to mind a time in most adults lives when they felt like they were invincible, that they were finally growing up. Getting one's license to drive as a teenager really is a step toward adulthood. A license is more than just the ability to drive. It's a safety threat that Pennsylvania lawmakers have attempted to mitigate.

Fatal Pennsylvania bus accident sparks concern over charter rides

In the past couple of years, various bus accidents that have taken the lives of passengers have shaken up not just the communities where they occurred, but the nation. Are tour buses really a safe way to travel? What about charter buses that so commonly carry students, young lives that deserve the utmost protection?

Pickup truck crashes into car in eastern Pennsylvania, killing 2

While we all know in theory that fatal car accidents happen countless times a day -- every day -- across the country, we tend not to think about the possibility that one of these accidents will happen to us or someone we love. Even the act of putting on a seat belt has become automatic. Most of us do it not because we're afraid of crashing, but because it's a well-ingrained habit. But the unfortunate truth is that none of us is guaranteed an accident-free journey through life. Driving carefully is important, but it doesn't prevent a fatal collision with a driver who might not be as cautious.

Truck driver dies in collision triggered by mattress in road

Everyone knows that driving defensively will decrease the chances of being involved in a car accident. But sometimes even following all the rules of the road and keeping an eye out for aggressive drivers or potential road hazards isn't enough to avoid a crash. That's especially true on interstate highways and other high-traffic roads. Even if a driver is able to avoid sudden danger, other drivers may not be as alert or able to anticipate an accident, and too often the result is a collision that is beyond the cautious driver's control.

Criminal trials may not determine civil trial outcomes

In past blog posts we've discussed how the outcome of a criminal trial can affect a civil lawsuit in the event of a car accident that causes injury or death. If a driver who caused a car accident is convicted of drunk driving, for example, the attorney of a person injured in that accident may have an easier time proving that the driver negligently caused the injuries and should be forced to compensate the injury sufferer.

Pennsylvania man faces charges in fatal motorcycle accident

For many people, one of the most difficult aspects of aging is a loss of independence. Elderly Pennsylvania residents who begin to lose their mental and physical dexterity may be told by their children or other family members that it's time to move into assisted living or give up the keys to their car. This can be a very tough discussion for a family, but one that's crucial for ensuring the safety of the elderly family member.

New Year's Eve carries accident risks for Pennsylvania drivers

As you celebrated the end of 2012 and rang in 2013, you may have been aware of the risks the last night of the year carries for those who venture out onto Pennsylvania's roads. Unfortunately, no matter how many police are out on patrol looking for intoxicated or otherwise careless drivers, there still exists the risk of being injured by a motorist who's had too much to drink.

Pennsylvania woman dies in fiery chain-reaction crash

Fatal car accidents are always tragic events, but they're especially difficult for families to handle when they occur just before the holidays. Instead of celebrating, the family and friends of one Pennsylvania woman have been forced to make plans to put her to rest after she was killed in a chain-reaction crash on the Pennsylvania Turnpike.

Driver in fatal motorcycle crash convicted of manslaughter, DUI

Earlier this year we told you about the case of a retired police officer who caused a motorcycle crash that killed two people and injured several others. The 50-year-old was convicted in Northampton County, Pennsylvania, this week on charges of involuntary manslaughter, driving under the influence and reckless endangerment. But he was acquitted of the more serious charges of homicide by vehicle. Although the prosecutor in the case was happy with the verdict, the same can't be said of the surviving members of the motorcycle group that was hit with the former officer's vehicle.

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